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Freight Management Program
At Ampac Forwarding, we bring to the table (no pun intended) an expertise in furniture freight management and partnering that has been 25 years in the making.
Precisely because we are a non-asset based shipping company, we have built a specialized preferred carrier network of the finest--your favorite--transportation companies with whom we have been serving our shared industry throughout these years. Together, we fulfill shipments exactly as our industry and customers envision. From within our network--by air, sea, and rail, specialty truck and common carrier, small package specialists, full truck load carriers as well as LTL, and offering the wide variety of solutions needed for any commercial or residential delivery or installation--we cover the entire United States, Canada, and can even serve globally. We can now help to save hours of research, phone calls, inquiries, keep costs down, and give you and your customers exactly what is needed, exactly when it is needed.

  • ONE  Set up an account and account profile through our gateway to an online invoicing system, hosted by award winning, a secure, encrypted invoice and payment solution.
    If you wish, store your payment information to pay multiple invoices at a time, or simply to make future payments effortless and safe. You may always choose to make a one-time payment, or alter a payment method in the case of an exception.
  • TWO   The moment a shipment is ready, Ampac will automatically notify you by email at up to three email addresses you provide in your password protected profile. Your freight invoice and the delivery note generated by your manufacturer's order acknowledgement will be attached, so you will know exactly what is ready to ship, and exactly how much the shipment will cost.
    Click "Submit Payment" and follow directions familiar to all internet shoppers today to pay for freight. Your shipment is on its way!
    Are you buying goods from several manufacturers distributed by Ampac? Access all of your freight invoices in one place, and pay in one payment! Earn reward points, manage cash flow!
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and E-check.
  • THREE   As soon as payment is approved (usually within seconds), shipments are dispatched. When the carrier picks up, Ampac will email a scanned, signed bill of lading, and carrier details for tracking. You will always know without asking what to expect next.

  • Q. When are all the details and documents of an order most relevant?
  • A. When the order is placed, and again when the order is shipped.
    By stepping up our technology, you and your staff will know exactly when your shipment is ready, what the freight will cost, and when it will arrive. Within hours of release, you will have signed documents in a cohesive package without even asking.
    We want to talk to you, oh yes we do. Nevertheless, we hope we will save you and your staff hours of phone calls and administrative work.
    Also, by the way, we hope you earn reward points for all your freight payments, and will have grand adventures as a result . . .
  • Q. What Does it Cost?
  • A. Because we have negotiated special rates with carriers for all but minimum freight charges, your company will pay much the same or better rates than it is paying now.
    As Always --
    • You may specify a carrier on your order, or specify "best way" for Ampac to choose the right carrier for the job. Ampac will always work with you to optimize your shipments.
    As your freight broker --
    • Should unfortunate returns or damages occur, Ampac Forwarding will mediate on your behalf! While normal liability and terms of insurance provided by carriers will not change, we will work with you to expedite and coordinate logistics and solutions.

Terms and Conditions
Freight will be shipped by Ampac Forwarding prepaid. Unless otherwise specified, Ampac will ship by the best method for that shipment, or "best way". Freight will be billed by agreement within our preferred carrier network at the carrier's normally negotiated industry discount. While 20 day terms may be extended upon submission of a form for credit approval, only registered Ampac Freight Management Customers are eligible for online payments by credit card and Echeck. Liability against loss and damages provided by individual carriers and terms of insurance provided by carriers remain intact, offered solely by the carriers, and are not affected by terms of payment for freight.
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