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Custom Packaging and Shipping Solutions

The Challenge:  An exporter of overseas furniture needs a dependable, quick way to fill their customer orders without jeopardizing quality control.

The Solution:  Ampac Forwarding receives their overseas containers, unwraps and inspects each product to assure quality control, packages, and ships the order safely to their customers. They can rely on Ampac's professional staff to keep their products moving quickly and damage-free.

The Challenge:   A national sales manager for a U.S. furniture supplier needs his showroom samples shipped quickly to key locations after the High Point Furniture Market.

The Solution:   After a show a company may have product that needs to be air freighted to an important meeting, samples need to be shipped home, others need to go to a photography studio. Ampac steps in and handles all the pickup, packing, and shipping needs to deliver these products on time.

The Challenge:   A local traffic manager of a national corporation needs to ship computer equipment.

The Solution:   Ampac has the equipment picked up, packaged correctly, and air freighted. Ampac's packing experts can also provide on-site wood crating of manufacturing equipment that needs to transported.

The Challenge:   The president of an import/export home furnishings wholesale company needs to outsource their warehousing and shipping services.

The Solution:   Ampac reduced their cost of doing business by taking the enormous overhead cost associated with running their own warehouse out of the equation. And Ampac provides all shipping services needed.

" We are happy to endorse Ampac and have been using them for our shipping needs since we started our business. They have supplied us with a group of shippers second to none who are able to customize to our needs. We have never been disappointed in their work. "

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